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In my Purse….

January 3, 2010

Top L to R: Goings-on journal; Moleskine journal; Arabic Flashcards
Bottom L to R: Work notes/daily journal; ‘The Art of Small Talk’; Date-book
Not pictured: Budget and Expense book which was taken out a few days ago

I write…a lot. Random things about work, life, general thoughts, plans, lists, etc. I read a lot of random things too.

I was going through my handbag earlier today after I noticed a purse-handle imprint on my shoulder. The culprits, as you can guess, are the above-pictured books. As I brought out the books, my sister gave me a strange look and asked, “Why??????” I didn’t have an answer. Why the hell do I have so many books in my purse?
The one with the ship on it: Saw it at Barnes and Noble and thought it was pretty…wasn’t meant to be kept in my purse though, it was usually kept in my room but I lost it a while ago and just found it.
The black one: The famous Moleskine journal that is popular amongst the hippies I work with…I was pressured into buying this one because apparently “it was used by the likes of Mark Twain and [insert famous artist or writer].” In the two weeks that I’ve owned it, there’s only been one 2 line entry.
‘Arabic in a Flash’: I’ve been working on my Arabic for years and I carry the flashcards around with me so that I can practice during my down-time.
The Green One W/My Name on it: This is the one I use the most. I use it to take notes at work, and I also use it as a daily journal. I try to write at least a page every day.
‘The Fine Art of Small Talk’: I borrowed this book from a coworker who, surprisingly, doesn’t like making small talk. It’s been a pretty interesting read…considering that I haven’t had the motivation to read past chapter 3. Since I started reading it two weeks ago, I’ve read about 5 novels.
‘2010’: It says 2010 on the cover but it actually started in July ’09. I use it, obviously, to set appointments, reminders, etc.
Not pictured: Budget Book: I use the book to set up my weekly and monthly budgets….but things never go as planned so I don’t carry it around as often as the other books.
And those are my books. Thank goodness I use the Barnes & Noble eReader for all my novels because, if not, I would always have to carry around a book bag.
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  1. January 4, 2010 1:24 PM

    OH WOW!!! That is too much weight I am telling you! But I need to copy that budget book idea!

  2. January 4, 2010 10:39 PM

    Trust me, it's harder said than done. I guess the key is to set a lot aside for 'unforeseen circumstances.'

  3. January 7, 2010 6:38 AM

    Its so clear that you are a writer…Happy New Year.

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