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December 30, 2009


It’s been so long since I snapped any photographs…or worked with my sewing machine…or constructed anything…or did anything artsy. I can’t even find my camera, some of these were taken with my phone, nor have I finished painting my room (which I started painting about 2 years ago and ran out of paint). Sad, I know. I don’t know what happened but I used to enjoy doing all these things; sewing my own clothes, cross-stitching, building model planes (nerd alert), etc. In 2010 I’ll try to at least finish painting my room, if nothing else.


When I was younger my family started a tradition of road-tripping to at least one new state every year. I continued that tradition when I went off to college, taking road-trips/flying almost every month. It’s a really good way to bond with friends/family and you learn a lot about how long people are willing to sit in a confined space before going crazy. I’ve been to about half of the contiguous states and it’s always so exciting to see how similar/different states are from each other. It’s also nice to see shops in other states that I thought only existed in my own state. My goal is to, not only visit all 50 states, but also to visit every continent before I turn 35 (I’m giving myself a lot of time).

Keeping in touch with people:

If you ask my friends, they’ll tell you that I am notorious for not returning calls/”disappearing” for long periods of time.” It’s a very bad habit and it’s something that I definitely don’t want to continue next year. I’m an extroverted introvert so although I’m pretty outgoing, I do enjoy being by myself sometimes. I’m going to have to come up with a good balance that will allow me to enjoy “me time” and not leave my friends feeling ignored.

Last but not least…:

In an effort to actually follow through with the most popular new year’s resolution (lose weight), I visited a nutritionist and got a weight assessment. I learned some pretty shocking things about myself…like the amount of weight I actually have to lose, and the things that I can no longer eat (the most painful part). It’s all for a good cause though so I’m crossing my fingers and praying that God gives me the strength to actually reach my goals by the end of the year.
Let’s pray that all of our resolutions stick for the whole year.
Happy New Year you guys!!!!
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  1. January 1, 2010 11:00 AM

    These are very nice pictures, Rayo.

  2. January 18, 2010 12:56 AM

    You're definitely one of the more creative people I know. I knew right away that you had created the doodle on that green journal of yours…though it also looks professional.I wish you a lot of success with your goals, especially the weight loss one. I think it's great that you went to a nutritionist because to me that means you're thinking health (and permanent weight loss) not just shedding pounds.

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