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I am back oo…(by popular…correction, only 2 demands)

May 4, 2007

Note: I was reorganizing my jewelry box today when I came across my beloved and not forgotten nose ring…*sigh*

So…life has been interesting, and by interesting, I mean, not really interesting. Just the monotonous slew of term papers and research papers and speeches and job searches and such.

And speaking of jobs…

All semester I’ve been trying to get a job that will fit my somewhat busy schedule, but to no avail (mainly due to my laziness). I’ve considered everything, from being a waitress to being a nanny to working at the front desk of a fancy hotel. The hotel one, I was really excited about because it would pay a lot of money, and because a few of my friends work there I wouldn’t be lonely and bored…Then of course, I told my parents about it and they shot my dreams down so low to the ground that I had to scrape them off of the floor with a chisel.

My mom: Hotel..*thinks for a second* Are you sure that is where you want to work? I don’t know about a hotel oo, you don’t know what people might say.

Me: *laughing* What?

Mom: Well, you see, in our culture, people might assume that with you having that type of job there is something else going on behind closed doors.

Me: Please explain oo (even though I knew where this was going)

Mom: There might be prostitution or drug rings involved and everything and I don’t want people going into the hotel and thinking that my daughter is involved with such things.

Me: haha…Prostitution rings?! Mommy, it’s just a job at the front desk of a hotel. That’s all.

Mom: Well, Derayo, I wouldn’t like you having such a job. It is your choice (the worst phrase ever invented), I have told you what I think of it.

Me: Ok, fine. How about working at a restaurant?

Mom: *laughing*

Me: What now?

Mom: Serving people, God forbid.

Dad (who has been listening the whole time): It is not her choice Oo! How about that lady at the World Bank I spoke with you about, did you email her your resume?

Me: Yes, and she said that they only hire grad students.

Dad: And so?! Talk to her…there must be some other program that you can join. Derayo, you need to be more active with these things. *goes back to watching CNN and eating amala*

Me: Ok…

Mom: Ehehn, that’s a good idea. Talk to the woman, no daughter of mine will be involved with hotels and restaurants…unless, of course, you build your own.

What is with this woman’s fascination with prostitutes?

So, I gave up searching because my parents refused to believe that I couldn’t find a nice professional job that would allow me to work at night (the only free time I have). Hmm…can you imagine me being a secretary from 5 pm to 2 am? Preposterous! What office (that doesn’t involve prostitution or drugs haha) would be open between those hours?

So, now I’m back to my job search since school’s over for the semester. Wish me good luck, I have a feeling that I just might get that office job that would make my parents happy.

Right now I should be working on a paper but I’m so tired of writing papers. What is it about history professors that makes them love seeing their students suffer? Things that I can summarize in 3 pages maximum, they force me to drag out to 30 pages! Well, hopefully the madness will be over by this time next year…and then off to law school, which will probably be worse. When will it ever end?!

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  1. May 4, 2007 6:01 AM

    Hahaha, it ends when you wish it to end. Just keep going, time flies and before you know it, you are “there”.You even consider working in a hotel. I know a lot of people, who’d air same sentiments as your momsi. Ppl need to get it over with some of their stereotypes of such places, already…lol @ dad goes back to watching CNN & eating amala…All the best with the job hunt and have a good summer…

  2. May 4, 2007 7:03 PM

    Yes oh,finally she has found a computerabeg if u can call me. we have some gist to discuss about Noire. Not so pleasant

  3. May 7, 2007 4:44 AM

    finding jobs my sister is not easy at all and as for law school i know that it would definitely get worse but keep up with the hard work cos it will pay off when you become a top lawyer

  4. May 9, 2007 10:46 AM

    My there, it never ends o. You just have to be strong to face life, with its good and bad.btw, i think ya parents are right in a way. Sometimes, we start doing things out of no volition of ours but due to peer pressure. Those places or things dat can cause yu to misbehave is better avoided, if possible.

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